I’m feeling peckish…


ok, enough with the introductions.. we like food. We like eating food and cooking food. We like to experiment and have fun with it rather than follow strict rules. And we like to remember what we’ve cooked so we can cook it again. But better.

Most of our recipes are fairly straightforward but have been acclaimed by our friends. And we have a psycho cat who has stolen bits and pieces and hidden them under the sofa and behind the shelves.

So here they are for you to read, drool over, try out and improve upon. Please leave comments!!


14 responses to “I’m feeling peckish…

  1. LOOOOVE the blog name haha fab!!! xxx

  2. So who’s honey and who’s mustard? ;P

    Keep it up! Now get yourselves a nice WP template; food-oriented of course! 🙂

  3. Love it!! Is there a way to subscribe.. not too sure I understand how wordpress works…

  4. Welcome 🙂

    Now you want to add an RSS feed so that people can add you to their feed readers. It’s a lot more efficient that getting email updates.
    Also WP has a lot of plugins that you can take advantage of.

  5. halloo 🙂 Ok I will have to say that hmmmm perhaps you are both a little honey and a little mustard? hehe

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