daddy or chips?

Trying to find ways to use the butternut squash, aside from making delicious soup, I discovered it is also possible to make squash chips! These are healthier than potato chips and make an interesting variation as a side dish. Simply cut the butternut squash in thin slices and start to cook, turning the slices every few minutes. I didn’t use any oil but I’m sure they would taste even better if you do. Half way through cooking I added some salt for better flavour. Paprika is another interesting option.


2 responses to “daddy or chips?

  1. Just saw this! Omg i love these things – my old house-mate used to use these to add to his “best pizza in the world” – butternut, baby spinach (left raw, sprinkled over the tomato paste, under the rest of the ing), tangy goat’s cheese and mozzarella. seriously, one of th ebest pizza toppings ever!!

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