salmon rushdie

When you have good fresh fish do yourself a favour and don’t mask the flavours with anything strong and most importantly – don’t overcook it. You’ll want to taste the fish and not your garnish!

For this salmon steak keep it simple. Rub rock salt and roughly ground pepper into the raw steak.

Prepare a pan with some olive oil and butter. The butter is there to provide a richer taste, but if you try to use it alone it’s quite likely that it will burn when the pan gets hot. Using the oil will prevent the butter from burning.

This steak will be ready very quickly; it will need about 2-4 minutes on each side until it becomes golden brown around the edges. Serve hot, with salad or potatoes.


2 responses to “salmon rushdie

  1. Andrew doesn’t eat fish so I don’t really cook it, but the title of this is awesome – I hadnt noticed it before =)

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