Clams and cherry tomatoes

You will need:

  • Olive oil
  • Chopped garlic
  • Fresh parsley, chopped
  • Cherry tomatoes, chopped
  • Clams so fresh they’re still spitting at you

It’s very important to rinse and soak your clams for some minutes in water. Throw that water away. Repeat.

Chop your tomatoes. Make someone laugh by placing one in each cheek and trying to speak 🙂

Boil water and prepare your linguine until slightly undercooked.

Heat a pan and place your olive oil, garlic and tomatoes.

On the left hand side of the colander you can observe the tongue-out action of the clam!

When the tomatoes are cooked, add the parsley and clams. Cook and stir for a couple of minutes on the pan and then cover for 3 minutes. Add pepper to taste.

Drain and mix everything with the linguine and cook for another 3 minutes. Serve!


6 responses to “Clams and cherry tomatoes

  1. WANT! And this has cherry tomatoes! Perfect. Oh Miriam feed me seafood. Andrew won’t eat it so I don’t make it at home 😦

  2. Ok that’s it, my next vongole dish is going to have cherry tomatoes. First Baia beach, then you…. omg! nom!!! 😀

    my version of a very similar dish (next time i won’t bother with the langoustine though, but i have an idea of a langoustine sauce with pastis and cream.. nom!)

  3. Dav I have your same problem hehe

    • alison – if you promise to one day be in malta on a sunday morning we (you, me and dav and whoever) can all go to the market and get fresh seafood and I will cook it. It’s all up to you :p

  4. oooh seriously? Ok I will DEf let you know. There is chance I might be on Sunday 29th. I will keep you posted for sure. What fun =)))))))))))))))


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