pasta alla norma con norma aggiunta

I was planning to make pasta alla norma one evening, when one of my guests declared that he doesn’t eat vegetarian. Luckily I had a fresh steak in the fridge which I quickly cut up to add to my dish.

In the mean time I cut up and salted an eggplant that was to be cleverly disguised and hidden in the sauce as a plot to make said friend actually eat vegetables. After salting for 20 minutes, the eggplant was placed in a pan with soy sauce and cooked until it started to soften.

I then added the cut up beef and some pizza topping sauce (that is tomato sauce with herbs). Added chopped up halloumi (alternately you can use ricotta salata, regular ricotta or feta).

Added pepper and reduced it for some time..

Finally added some milk to soften the taste. Just add pasta – the day norma had to be cleverly disguised.. and you know what, he ate it!


2 responses to “pasta alla norma con norma aggiunta

  1. LMAO @ the Mitchell & Webb clip

    But who on earth doesn’t eat vegetarian?! I’d hate to think that there HAD to be meat in EVERYTHING!! How stressful!!!

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