Oh my mozzarellas!

We first had this at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Cambridge – The Italian

As with the rest of his food, Jamie Oliver firmly believes in simple and good ingredients. Let’s face it, it’s harder to go wrong that way!

Here you have 2 mozzarella di Bufola balls chopped carefully in half and laid out on your chopping board (try to avoid a wooden one in this case).


Very very carefully scoop out the interior, leaving a firm ‘shell’ of mozzarella


Mix the parts you’ve scooped out with basil pesto


Fill your shells again and garnish with fresh basil


Serve as a fresh, delicious and surprisingly simple starter. Buon apetito!



3 responses to “Oh my mozzarellas!

  1. Is that it??? hehe easier than toast lol

  2. Yes! All you have to do is be careful not to bash the mozzarella up as you chop it in half and as you scoop out the inside. Otherwise SO easy.

    Easy as pie? where did that expression come from? It should be changed!:)

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