How to prepare an avocado

I was going to call this post “How to stone an avocado”, but I assumed the comments would get a little out of hand  🙂

Avocado is quite versatile and depending on how ripe the fruit is, you would slice or scoop out the interior. Either way, the most important step is removing the stone without causing too much damage.


Take a large, sharp knife. Pierce the skin and make a single cut all around the fruit, right down to the stone.


Next, grab both halves and gently twist. One side will separate cleanly from the stone.


Now hold the half with the stone firmly in your hand, but don’t squeeze it as you will bruise the fruit. Holding your large, Sharp knife steadily, whack the stone with the blade.


The blade should penetrate the stone a couple of millimeters and stick. Now simply give the knife a twist and the stone will pop out!


Voila! You can now use the fruit halves as a bowl to serve prawn cocktail or something similar, scoop out the flesh to make guacamole, or peel and slice into strips, serving with a simple vinaigrette.



2 responses to “How to prepare an avocado

  1. Or eat it on toast with a squeeze of lemon/lime and a little salt and fresh pepper. Extra special on sourdough (so we’re lucky n malta as our hobza is just that!)

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