Valentine’s chocolate strawberries <3

Gorgeous Maltese strawberries are in season! This is such a feel-good dessert. It’s relatively light and doesn’t take long to prepare.

First off – buy some fresh strawberries. Without removing the stalk, wash and dry them well. Chocolate will not stick to wet surfaces!

Get a bar of good cooking chocolate or your favourite plain chocolate and melt it. You can do this easily in the microwave (about 2 minutes on high) as long as you’re going to be pretty quick at making this dessert. Otherwise, melt it in bain-marie (water bath) fashion. Stir it well to ensure all the chocolate has melted before moving on to the next step.

Holding it by the stalk, dip your strawberry into the chocolate and let the excess drip into your bowl.

Immediately turn your strawberry as shown so that the chocolate now ‘drips’ towards the stalk.

Place gently on a sheet of cartaforno. This procedure looks messy at first. but you’ll find that as the chocolate hardens the whole thing will easily come off the paper, without leaving any chocolate smudges.

When you’re done with all your strawberries insert the dish into the fridge and give it a couple of hours before serving/consuming.


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