Raita is originally more ‘complicated’ than our much-simplified version. I find this dish delicious as a side, accompanying your choice of protein. However, it is also especially useful when served with a spicy dish as a means of cooling down the palate. So it’s very important to serve this dish if you’re making something very spicy and are not sure of your guests’ tastes or how many scovels they can (or are willing to) tolerate.

You will need a tub of Greek or plain yoghurt, a cucumber and half an onion.

Clean the cucumber by peeling, chopping into quarters and removing the seeds from its center.

Chop your onion quite finely as shown below.

Now place the yoghurt in a bowl and add small quantities of cucumber and onion at a time until the proportions suit your tastes. This will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

Place in a bowl on the table during your meal and serve spoonfuls into your plate to cool down curries and chilies.


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