Lady of leisure breakfast


What is it about rucola that makes any slice of toasted bread taste more.. posh?

I made this with a generous helping of cholesterol-lowering butter, prosciutto crudo and fresh rucola. Accompanied by milky coffee. Yes, a good start to my day!


3 responses to “Lady of leisure breakfast

  1. Cannot think of a better way to start the day… food wise I mean hehe. I love Rucola

  2. I like to snack on it too… only when it’s very fresh though 🙂

  3. We are so lucky in this country, we get the baby rocket type packs, and then the incredibly spicy peppery malta “insalata” rucola, which to me is crazy awesome in a sammich! traditional Maltese way to eat it: Maltese bread, butter, gobon tal bzar, insalata and tomatoes (if in season). 🙂 really good!

    P.s. the above sammich looks teh awesome, although the bread….meh. 😛

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