Le French Toast

A quick search will present you with a variety of ways for making French toast. Some recipes call for using cinnamon or sugar; others opt for the savoury approach and include the use of salt. I opted for a very simple recipe with 2 eggs, half a cup of milk and a small dash of vanilla essence. Do go slow on the vanilla essence as it has a potent taste that can be overpowering.

Apologies for the use of generic bread – ideally the bread should be a little bit dry (dry overnight) to be able to absorb more of your mixture before placing in the pan.

The French seem to love a bit of fat in their cooking – so use some butter to fry your bread on each side until it starts to brown and the mixture is cooked.

The taste is slightly sweet so you can serve this either for breakfast or as a side dish to almost anything. Believe it or not, I had mine with salmon and a slice of Pepato cheese. It was a very unusual combination!


4 responses to “Le French Toast

  1. thats so cool, always wanted to try this but never realised how simple it is to make!

    • yes it is, only takes a couple of minutes – and there are various ways of making it. Next time I’ll try it with cinnamon too. It was ever-so-slightly plain this way. I’d suggest using bread which is a bit dry too, I made it with fresh bread and the effect isn’t quite the same. Enjoy 🙂

  2. My suggestion would be to use dry slices from a Maltese loaf or toast the bread before hand. I used heaps of cinnamon on mine and dusted with sugar..yummm!!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. My bread was quite fresh and I noticed that dry slices would have improved the absorption. Will definitely try it with cinnamon and sugar… sounds good.

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