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Meat Sauce with a Caribbean twist

You will need:

400g minced beef/pork

1 large onion, diced

2 cups tomatoes

1 teaspoon sugar

1 cup sweetcorn

2 tablespoons curry powder

150ml coconut milk

Place your diced onions in a pan or wok with a tablespoon of olive oil , 2 tablespoons of water and the curry powder. Cook until the onions have turned translucent and soft, adding more water as they cook if necessary so as not to let them burn.

Add the meat and toss until it turns brown. Ideally the meat should be defrosted.

Add the tomatoes, sugar and sweetcorn and stir well. Leave to simmer on a low heat for about 40 minutes so that it reduces and thickens.

Finally add the coconut milk and cook for a further ten minutes. You may serve this as a pasta sauce or as a dip with savoury crackers or bread.


Carribean spicy Prawns

Here’s a spicy seafood dish that we made recently for a carribean-themed evening.  You can play around with the spices depending on your taste, and you can even use pieces of fish rather than prawns. Simply dice them to more or less the same size so that the cooking times  remain the same.

You will need:

2 heaped teaspoons crushed black pepper

2 heaped teaspoons cumin

1 heaped teaspoon cayenne pepper

6 large cloves garlic, crushed

1 large knob of butter (approx 1 heaped tablespoon)

approx 800g raw, peeled prawns

1 pint of lager

2 tablespoons honey

1/3 cup worchestershire sauce

1 heaped teaspoon cornflour

Melt the butter in a pan on a low – medium heat. Throw in the spices and garlic and fry for a couple of minutes.

Once the spices start browning, turn up the heat slightly and add the prawns.

Stir around, coating the prawns with the spices and cook for no more than a minute.

Once the prawns start to turn white, pour in the lager.

Simmer for another minute, or until the prawns are almost cooked, then remove the prawns with a slotted spoon.

Put the prawns aside. Next add the honey and worchestershire sauce and simmer for 15 minutes.   In the meantime add a little water to the cornflour and mix to a smooth paste. Add this to the sauce and keep on simmering until you have a thick sauce. This stage may take a while,  say about 20-30 minutes.

Finally add the prawns back to the sauce for a final minute, then serve with some coconut rice (recipe to follow!) or pita bread. This dish is not for the faint-hearted – Prepare to shock those taste buds!

Greek Honey and Cheese Parcels

You will need:

  • Filo pastry sheets
  • Cheddar, shredded
  • Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Honey

Using 3 sheets of about A5 size at a time, place them on top of each other as shown. Sprinkle some shredded cheddar at one end, leaving some space on either side as you will need to roll and close off the sheets. Then place a thin layer of sweet chili sauce on top of the cheese (you can buy this ready made and use it for a number of dishes).

Brush olive oil around the cheese/sauce and carefully roll the sheet starting from the cheese end. As you press the layers against each other with the olive oil, they will start to stick and make life easier (in the parcel-making sense, not in general).

Once it’s all rolled up, brush the outside with olive oil to help with the next step.

As shown below, roll the tube of filo on itself, pinching the ends as you go.

The whole thing should look like this in the end.

Cook in a fan oven for about 20 minutes (or until they start to brown) at 180 degrees. Remove from the oven and while they are still hot drizzle some honey over the tops. Serve cold.

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